Goals and success in the gym are attained through a planned and gradual process of self-improvement. We believe in long-term sustained results from incremental habit change over quick fixes.

Unfortunately, people only tend to see the end result, and not what the person had to do to reach their goal. As we like to say “You do not rise to the level of your goals, you fall to the level of your systems”. 

At State of Fitness, we proved our members with the systems to be successful while enjoying the personable process along the way. If we don’t have the answer to something our members need, then we lean on our referral network for a collaborative answer.

From inquiry to starting your training with us, the “6 steps of success” provides a brief overview of what our members experience. 


It all starts with a conversation about how we can help, and if we are the right fit for you.

Our clinical and movement-based assessment looks at how you move as an individual, and this process lays the foundation for your programming and success with State of Fitness. 

We will provide you with the education, tools and resources to achieve your goals. 

In order for your body to change and adapt, it needs to be challenged through smart training.

We will measure key aspects of your training to ensure we’re progressing, and working towards your goals.,

You are an aggregation of your past habits and actions. Improvement will come with a well thought out and holistic plan. 

Strength & Fitness

No matter what you are coming to us for, improving our member’s strength and fitness is the cornerstone of our success. Improve strength has a direct correlation to lean muscle mass, bone density, improved stability and mobility, ability to express power, and many more factors. 

We don’t believe in our members spending their session on treadmills, so if you need to improve your anaerobic and aerobic engine (fitness), we can structure your workout to maintain a moderate/high heart rate for an aerobic effect, and finish the session with interval training which has significant value in improving health, fitness, and performance. 


TRX row strength - Cindy

Rehabilitation through movement

Success with our members in reducing and removing chronic and acute pain has revolved around the method of “diagnose the movement pathology and not the specific injury”. We find that people get too laser-focused on the specific injury, and tend to neglect how the body is moving, breathing, and reacting as a system. Specific and isolated interventions have their time and place, but typically we focus on how you move as an individual, while understanding functional anatomy and effective interventions to improve stability, mobility, and reduce compensations. 

improve competitive performance

Our team is very well equipped to help take your athletic and sporting performance to the next level either in the gym or outside on the track. Alwyn Jones is the head of this program who has coached multiple adult and junior level national medalists in track and field and Alwyn is 10 x Australian National Champion in the open men’s triple jump and a Commonwealth Games medalist. No matter what you want to achieve, we have your back. 


Pre & Post-Natal

There is a huge gap in accessible care and support for mums-to-be and new mums with their training. Women unfortunately tend to spend a lot of time Googling what to do with their training which is not good enough. Strength training and understanding what to do, and what not to do is hugely beneficial so we have a dedicated trainer to look after our wonderful ladies. Tim Spence is the man with the answers, systems, and programs to enable our mums with the tools to be successful and confident in the gym.

nutrition coaching

Unfortunately losing weight, improving your health, and getting in shape is not as simple as only going to the gym three times a week. It takes a systemic change with the right tools and resources to lean on. We have teamed up with Precision Nutrition to help improve our member’s nutrition and health through incremental habit change and education. We also have multiple resources with nutritional tips, how to track your food, and dieticians we refer to if you need a more focused attention.   


lifestyle & habit change

Prior to the digital revolution, our society operated in a much more physical and active world, and being physically active was a part of one’s day. Unfortunately, today’s workforce is significantly less active which has led to an increase in poor posture and recurring pain and niggles for some. 

We look at postural correction from a holistic approach starting at improving how you breathe, then increasing mobility through specific release work and increasing stability and strength with our training in the gym. These interventions tie together with your daily habits and how we can have specific interventions to break subconscious habits which lead to poor posture.

How do you get stronger?

science behind strength training